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No Words/No Thoughts

All week this has been on my mind.

‘The power of nature is ruthless’: Uncle shares story of 13-year-old’s drowning

It would have been awful enough just seeing that story in the news. But we know them. And my heart is breaking for this family. You can help them by donating here.

This week I’ve been listening to excessive amounts of Low (my all-time favorite band) and mostly sad podcasts, some about injustices done and the general unfairness of life. All while busting my ass with this move nonsense. I wasn’t able to take any extra time off so I’ve been working my day job then hustling back and forth from the old place to the new one. I am beat. But I’m so close to the finish line! Tomorrow I’m putting on a a moving sale to liquidate half of my wardrobe and at least half (or more) of our books, along with all sorts of random weird stuff. I’ve hired a cleaner for Sunday to do the move-out cleaning. Tuesday I’m finally turning the keys over and then can wash my hands of that place. Hopefully they don’t screw me over on the damage deposit.

Trying to balance this week’s stress and sadness with more hopeful and amusing stuff. I give you Five Good Things for Friday:

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