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Disorientating Dilemmas

Another con down. I just drove my son to the suburbs four mornings in a row to drop him off at CONvergence (then spent much of my weekend packing up the house for our impending move). His father drove him back each evening. Attendees who stay on site, at the hotel, typically come up with a new costume for each day but my kid tends to cosplay in the same outfit all four days. Which means that outfit must be seriously ripe. I hope he’s throwing it in the wash today. This was the last CONvergence being held at that location. Thankfully they are moving downtown next year.

My teen had been holding out hope he would get his dream job for a first job. Initially things were looking good right after school let out. But as the weeks after graduation dragged on and he never heard back, we found out the place actually had to let a few people go. Some folks with autism don’t deal with change very well. My son had his mind set on working at this place. Getting him to consider other options is not going well. We need to find an employer that is open to neurodiversity, and would let him keep his beard (sigh) and purple hair. Good luck to us! We’re going to need it. At least some employers acknowledge that autistic workers make good employees.

Five Good Things for this full work week:

Nick, a human, and Dan, his Cornish Rex kitten
Dan, a Cornish Rex kitten

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