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Random Act of Happiness

A new week and a fresh start. Woke up early thanks to another burst of prednisone. After walking out the door I realized my outfit is full on Golden Girls tropical loungewear. One of the last times I wore this I was on vacation in Palm Springs. Sign me up for AARP already! It is my birthday next week, after all. To that end I set up one of those birthday donations that Facebook pesters you about. But this one is for RAICES, the largest immigration legal services non-profit in Texas, focusing on underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees.

Every Father’s Day my step-mother mandates a combined celebration. I was born on my Dad’s birthday so Father’s Day is a three-in-one. Yesterday my son and I drove out to the burbs. In typical Dad fashion he showed off his lovely garden (I did not inherit his green thumb), then bumbled around his house searching nooks and crannies for his treasures. They’re always hidden away in little miniature yellow legal folders. Yesterday it was an assortment of old belt buckles he wanted me to see. Then he asked me to find his old high school girlfriend online. Apparently she had Heterochromia - two different colored eyes - and was Miss White Bear Lake 1963 (and Miss Minnesota 1966, apparently). Just another Sunday with the Morrows.

Five Good Things:

Random bonus: This video about How the Internet Works was just the thing this morning.

Yeti Records RV sunroof

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