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Hitting the Homestretch

Hard to believe my son’s senior year is coming to a close so soon. He is reaching one of those endings that will be a big beginning. Adulthood. Technically he reached the age of majority last Fall, when he turned 18. But the boy has got a lot to learn. This afternoon we met with staff who will help him over next school year. He’s eligible to attend a fantastic transition program until he’s 21, to work on college and life prep, before moving on to community college. This year of prep will help him better take advantage of the free freshman year of college he qualifies for, when he’s ready for it. I am so thankful to have these supports in our school district.

Five Good Things for Tuesday:

Another highlight of the day? Finding something precious that I had misplaced, months later. It was one of the dreams my wonderfully weird Dad writes down for me. So I’ve started transcribing them again. This latest one features a surprise guest and weaponry. You can really tell we’re related.


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