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Smell The Magic

Last night was just the thing. Saw L7 for the first time in years. One friend posted this after the show and it sums things up perfectly:

L7 forever. They are the underdogs and they are the best. Especially for 14 year old girls in Catholic school who want to start nasty all girl bands AND for 37 year old moms with grey hairs in their bangs who don’t play in bands anymore but scream with delight with their old bandmates in the pit. These guys are funny and real and don’t give a fuck and they are still my favorite.

Another friend wrote it up for City Pages. This was my favorite bit:

The crowd: Like the line at Sunday Night Dance Party ’96 but with mortgages.

This week has felt like a particularly long rollercoaster. I’m ready to get off this ride now. And I don’t think I was tall enough to get on it to begin with. I have tentative plans this weekend but the idea of sleeping a good long while is more appealing. I just lost all my punk rock points.

Five Good Things for Friday!

Today there were school walk-outs all around the country. Robert DeNiro even penned an “excuse” letter for participating students. I’d hoped my son would be one of those students but he participated in another sort of walk-out. Senior skip day. I’d nearly forgotten that was a thing.

Ladies at L7
Jordan and Sharyn
Smoking in the Ladies Room

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