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Tough Kids Love Sad Songs

It’s been one helluva week already. I am definitely not having fun. Yesterday my car wouldn’t start so I had to have it jumped (it’s an ongoing saga with Volvo and a class action lawsuit). But thank you, yet again, AAA. After getting the car running I backed out of the garage and the garage door broke. A spring snapped and it looks like the rusty rails are in rough shape as well. I share the garage with my duplex neighbor and his poor car is trapped in there. I am grateful it is our landlord’s responsibility and not mine (12 years of homeownership Hell was enough) but I’m not sure when that will be taken care of. Last night I parked in our driveway instead. This morning when I left for work my small car got stuck, hard, in the alley. It took another kind neighbor with a big Ford truck to tow me out. This is freaking APRIL! Spring! Allegedly. No wonder my mind is in wanderlust mode. I’ve moved forward on planning my solo trip to Rome for October. I’m flying into Dublin pretty cheaply. I’ve never been to Dublin so it will be fun to check out the city for a day or two before hopping on my RyanAir flight to Rome. Now I have something to look forward to again.

Tuesday’s Five Good Things:

If I am going to pull off my next solo trip in the Fall I’ve got to get back into miser mode until then, and work on my side hustle. Which means updating my other site,, and drumming up more photo gigs again. More TBD!


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  1. Jachin Rupe wrote:

    I’m sure you’re looking at number on Google Analytics or something… but just incase you’re looking for some feedback, I’m glad you’ve got the blog is going again.

    Also if you ever run into issues with Word Press again you should think about a statically generated site… there would be a lot less that could go wrong (security updates and such) and you might be able to save some money on hosting… which you could spend on traveling. :)

    Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

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