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This week was meant to be a quietly productive one. I had nothing scheduled for my week nights aside from photo editing, helping my son with homework, cooking and cleaning. And I’d hoped to squeeze some bike riding in there. But my sad meatsuit had other plans. What started as the usual seasonal allergy symptoms morphed into full on debilitating illness. What a waste of time. But I’ve been trying to take it easy and hope to be on the mend and back in the world soon.

Five Fall Activities:

  • This weekend there’s another Open Streets Minneapolis event happening and this time it’s pretty close to our house. This map has the highlights.
  • One of my favorite things starts up next week. Cinema in the Cemetery: Alien Invasion Film Series. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Plan 9 From Outer Space on the big screen.
  • The Midwest Comic Book Association’s FallCon is coming up Saturday, October 4th. Sounds like it’s been a scramble to keep everything on track because, sadly, one of the main organizers passed away last month. Dominic Postiglione of The Source.
  • For years I’ve been meaning to take my son to the Fawn Doe Rosa wildlife park. It’s just a little over an hour away and I am determined that this will be the year.
  • Note to self, other MN Fall To Dos: The Landscape Arboretum, Walker Mini Golf Course B (we already played Course A), Big Stone Mini Golf, Franconia Sculpture Park, ValleyFair/ValleyScare, an apple orchard, various Farmers Markets.

In other news, my amazing son turns 15 on the 15th. How this is even possible I just don’t know. It’s too bad his actual birthday is on a school day. The transition to high school hasn’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped. But I do plan to celebrate with him for at least a week, if not more.


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