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Under the Volcano

I feel like I’ve been lucky, for the most part. Single parenting isn’t easy. Especially with a special needs child. But despite hitting puberty my teen is generally on the easygoing and happy-go-lucky end of the spectrum. Of course I will always worry about him. Worry about his vulnerability and how trusting he is. I am concerned about his inability to communicate nuance to me in complicated situations. Because life gets complicated. Right now something is bothering him and I’m not sure I’ll ever know what it is. That bothers me. And it’s even more complicated than that. Naturally.

Five temporary distractions:

The last two nights should have spent in the backyard, having a fire, but I was playing catch up on photo editing and big life stuff. And here comes the rain again. Now I have the Eurythmics song stuck in my head. And you probably do too, if you’re reading this. But it’s a damned fine earworm as far as earworms go.

Goblin, Performing Suspiria

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