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Let Go Of The Trapeze

I knew it wouldn’t last but there was a brief period in the past couple of weeks - where I was all caught up on photo editing. Client work anyhow. And most of my personal stuff. I know of two or three batches I haven’t finished from summertime but they will have to wait. Last Saturday night I shot a wedding that was officiated by a BRITISH ELVIS IMPERSONATOR! First time for everything. Sunday I did family photos for some totally adorable repeat customers. And today I’m shooting another wedding, for friends. Then I will be done with scheduled photo shoots for what’s left of the year.

Life has been so very busy for a while now. I totally dropped the ball the week before last and missed the Janelle Monae show. I can’t believe I forgot about it. (Also I had no idea she lived in the Twin Cities for a couple of years when she was a kid.) This week I attempted to cram in as much Halloween goodness as possible, which included hosting a pumpkin carving party. And rollerskating in my giant squid costume while being filmed for our friends’ band’s video shoot. And manning the front porch solo, handing out candy on Halloween itself. No Barebones Halloween show for me, but I did further damage my hearing with another My Bloody Valentine show last night.

Five more good things:

This past week we experienced some frustrations with our current rental housing situation. It almost made me miss home-ownership (nearly, but not quite). Overall I have been pleased by our 2+ years in this duplex. It’s definitely been the high point of my St. Paul residency. But before long we’ll be saying goodbye to this fair city to relocate across the river, in Minneapolis. And we’ll be moving just as things are improving! The light rail will be up and running and then there’s this: “St. Paul’s Palace Theatre was built in 1916 as a vaudeville theater and later became a movie theater. The City of St. Paul plans to spend $12 million to refurbish the long-vacant space as a contemporary music venue.” At least it isn’t far away.

Pumpkin Carving 2013

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