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A Celebration of Disruptive Creativity

Just one more 6am wake-up call and then it is summer break! Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in. This morning my stupid brain gave me a 4am wake-up call. In the form of a creepy nightmare. I was in our kitchen only it wasn’t our kitchen. I heard a sound and looked up…to see a tiny white mouse poking its head through a ceiling panel (which we don’t have, thankfully). But it jumped out and morphed into a GIANT DIRTY RAT WITH GLOWING RED EYES and it ran along the cupboard top before launching itself AT MY FACE and that’s when I jumped out of bed with adrenaline rushing through my veins.

Last weekend was a busy enough one, with kickboxing and hanging out and Grand Old Day good times and a BBQ. But this coming weekend? Oof. Starting early tonight with the Science Museum’s Social Science night. And the Minneapolis International Noise Conference at the Hex, if I’m up to it (doubtful). And even though it doesn’t remotely feel like June (gray, gloomy, cold) Saturday sees the return of Northern Spark! And I’m particularly excited because this time around it will all be conveniently contained in Lowertown (it would be even more convenient if the Green Line were up and running already but that’s another story). I’ve just begun planning my night, using the mobile app. But there is a lot of must-see stuff happening again. Like a house being burned down. And the Prairie Fire Lady Choir’s “Fiery Songs in the Night” and John Keston’s “Instant Cinema: Teleportation Platform X” and so much more. I predict we’ll be fairly useless Sunday, after staying up all night. But I wouldn’t miss it. My photos from 2011 and before midnight 2012 and after midnight 2012.

In other art happening news…I’m a long-time fan of Norwegian graphic novelist JASON so I was excited to read about “Psst!” With a cast of 13 dancers (including my friend Brinsley), a full-length original score, and an interactive set that brings the 2-D world of the graphic novel to 3-D life, Off-Leash Area pulls out all the creative stops to tell a universal and poignant story about love and loss. June is shaping up to be an incredibly busy month but I need to see that too. I want it all! Besides, it is my birthday month.


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