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Empty and in the Moment

We’ve had some good times lately, personally and regionally. Recently the boyfriend and I celebrated his birthday out of town. With a stop in Milwaukee (for brunch with a friend), and then on to Chicago to see Boris. Wonderful times that were over too quickly. But we returned to our home state just as the marriage equality bill was being passed, and that made me so proud (of my city too). My elation is tempered by the potential for backlash. Already there has been an increase in hate crimes against LGBT people: “Equality’s Brutal Backlash: The Murder of Mark Carson and the Rise in Violence Against Gays” But there are other stories out there that give me hope.

This past weekend I returned to kickboxing, we art-a-whirled, saw the new Star Trek movie and I fully appreciated some of the boyfriend’s “life hacks” around our apartment.

Five more good things:

Now for my one big gripe. A better brighter flickr? Seems more like a half-assed redesign launched before it was ready, in order to justify the timing of the weird new pricing scheme to coincide with Yahoo’s big tumblr buy out. They must just be hoping to gain more new users from the tumblr ranks rather than to offset the cost of the buy out. The twitterverse let out a collective groan at this announcement yesterday afternoon. Sorry Ms. Mayer, this does not “make flickr awesome again.” Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out.

beautiful boyfriend

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