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Pushing On a String

Some days I am baffled by my fellow Americans. Like in the case of the 5yo in rural Kentucky who shot and killed his little sister. Here’s How the Rifle That Just Killed a 2-Year-Old Girl Is Marketed for Kids. Disgusting. And “this was totally unexpected.” What? How? How can you give a very young child a gun, keep it LOADED in the corner of your dining room, and then be surprised by such an outcome? It boggles the mind. In other mind-boggling news, Bitch Magazine picked up this infuriating ongoing story: State Investigates Artist Venus DeMars for Not Making Enough Money Off her Art. It really sucks to think my own state may be going after Venus because she is an out trans woman. But it’s the only angle that makes sense.

It’s hard to switch gears to five good things, but I need to:

A friend gave me the heads up about this Montreal city guide. Looks right up my alley. It just dawned on me…I’ll get to stop by the Drawn and Quarterly store when I visit Montreal. SO very excited about that. And we’re going to give AirBNB a shot. We’ve already found loads of cool looking, well-reviewed lodging in Toronto and Montreal. But we’ll be going for the private apartment option rather than sharing space/staying with someone in their home. The older I get the more I appreciate my privacy. And this return to cohabitation is hard enough. When I go on vacation I need my personal space.

American Cream

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