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Vulnerable to Sudden Disasters

Suddenly summer BAM! Just like that. Last week it was snowing. The last couple of days I’ve experienced non-workout related underboob sweat, for the first time this year. We nearly hit 80 degrees. And BAM again! It’s dropping forty degrees overnight and probably snowing tomorrow. Oh hooray Minnesota. At least my illness is abating. But I’m weak. I finally returned to kickboxing on Saturday. And…barfed halfway through class. Guess I need to build back up to it.

How about five good things?

Distractions abound on the internet, as ever. Yesterday I learned Neil Degrasse Tyson had the esteemed Alan Rickman on his Star Talk show. Bookmarked that to listen to later while I got sucked into a new BBC mini-series by Jane Campion. I binged on too many episodes of Top of the Lake last night but I haven’t made it to the end yet. Biting my nails to find out how it all shakes out. But there is so much going on in real life. Paperwork to contend with for the kid’s summer camp. Music and art happenings. Hanging out with friends. A whirlwind weekend of Free Comic Book Day and the May Day Parade and related house parties, potlucks and shows. I’m happy to end my winter of hermitude.

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