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You Can’t Put a Price On Mojo

Oh Minnesota in March. Today and tomorrow will be all about the snow dramarama. There have been school closures (a pretty rare thing) but not for my son. Though I did receive conflicting robo calls from the school district and the school about whether or not students would be dismissed early today. Either way, the roads are seriously rough. Spin outs and accidents and cars in ditches everywhere. Snow emergencies have been declared in both St Paul and Minneapolis. I am content to stay put at home with my car safely stowed in the garage. And I’m once again thanking my lucky stars that my landlord pays for snow removal service. I’m sad I’ll likely be skipping kickboxing tonight due to the inclement weather. But it’s not worth putting myself in danger just so I can go punch and kick others, even though I love it so.

Five good things, plus one sticky one, for this wildly wintry Tuesday:

Last weekend was a busy one. Dinner with a friend and swimming with my son Friday. Kickboxing Saturday along with house cleaning and then a house show. All day brunch at our place Sunday. And later that night I had a funny photo shoot with a band. We trekked outside, in the dark, up and down snowy hills and along railroad tracks to get to a ravine. I was bundled up and wearing my hiking boots. The actual photography part took maybe 15 minutes and then we slogged back to the cars. I went straight home. Where I decided to take out the trash. And that’s where I wiped out on ice, hard, in my alley. The heck? Earlier I was fine while hiking through treacherous icy locations, like a sure footed little goat. Guess I just wasn’t paying enough attention in my own back yard. At least I was so bundled up in layers under my puffy parka it cushioned my fall, even when I landed on my elbow.

Morgan is nom nom noming

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