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Adjusting the Sails

Art Sled Rally 2013 was sort of a sad slippery mess. The hills were so icy I was amazed no one in our group wiped out while just walking around. Still, it was a good time and there were some swell sleds. Our favorites were Lady Rainicorn, a Mario Kart and the yellow submarine. The latter had the most spectacular crash with the sled splintering apart upon impact with a bale of hay (but the sledder was ok, he gave the thumbs up sign and everything). Naturally we got some fresh snow the day after the event. Gee thanks Mother Nature.

Five good things for this Monday:

So I guess it’s ok to eat quinoa. Blurgh, news media. Maybe I need to brush up on my critical thinking skills. After reading pieces in well-regarded publications I don’t know which way is up and which way is down. Speaking of, I’ve got a big backlog of photos to edit. Photos coming out of my ears! Figuratively. But when I’m done I will have more photos from another Outlet performance, the cat show brunch, the cat show itself and more.

sad polar bear, went down the hill in a wheelchair on skis

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