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The Protein and the Starch

Getting old sucks. Saturday I went back to kickboxing for the first time in fourteen years. I was relieved to find I still have the ability to punch and kick. But what I’m lacking? Strength. And the ability to bounce back after pushing myself. That one class left me sore and hobbled. Mostly from the intense sit-ups and resistance training. The rest of my muscles are slowly recovering but my low back is still killing me. I’m not sure if I’ll physically be able to return to class tomorrow. And that’s just pitiful.

Five good things:

  • Friday Friday Friday! The MN Arm Wrestling League for Ladies’ Inaugural Brawl will be held at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis. BE THERE.
  • I didn’t even know this was in the works or out there: First Listen: Broadcast, ‘Berberian Sound Studio
  • Wow, do I ever want this sauna for my back yard. Instead I’ll have to settle for the communal one in the YWCA women’s locker room. Sigh.
  • My latest five minute crush (via Pinterest of course) - I’m currently baking my second batch of zucchini chips. They are delicious but I feel a little guilty about the amount of energy expended baking them. Two hours at 225 for each batch. And they’re like shrinky dinks, they are so tiny after the two hours of baking. Hmmm. But SO tasty. Dilemma.
  • The next season of Archer premieres on the 17th. JUST THE TIP.

Saturday night I made it to the third installment of the Outlet Performance Series (photos to come) but was then too tired to continue on to a show at The Hex that I’d been looking forward to. And then the two out of town bands, The Hecks and Mayor Daley, played another show last night but the venue changed from one that I enjoy and love to one that is physically and mentally uncomfortable so I skipped. My only consolation prize this Monday morning? A mix “tape” from Moniker Records with one of the bands.

New Year's Day 2013 at the Gaffneys

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