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Attractive Nuisance

David Byrne brought his “Playing the Building” installation to town, in the space formerly occupied by the Theater de la Jeune Lune (now called Aria). Friday night some friends put on their Irregular Readings there, in a cozy balcony area. It was lovely. Though at times they had to compete with people “playing the building” to be heard by our little audience. Next time they’ll be back at the Triple Rock where they will hold our undivided attention.

Five good things and one crappy one to kick off the week:

Speaking of restaurants…over the weekend we tried Foxy Falafel’s brand new brunch. Tasty business! And I read some more NY Times travel restaurant reviews. The wanderlust is gripping me again. Recently I renewed my passport but have had no opportunity to use it. I spent some of the weekend idly scrolling through various Lonely Planet guides and checking out cheap flights options via Spirt Airlines (I wish they flew to Europe too). But I think Montreal will be the next destination. Despite leaving the country a few times *and* living this far North I have never been to Canada. That needs to change.

Irregular Readings

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