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Birth, School, Work, Death

It’s been another busy week, at work and in my personal life. Monday night I caught about half of the Handmade Music performances at the Hack Factory, which was lovely. Tuesday I enjoyed guitarist Chris Forsyth’s set at Madame. Last night we visited with a friend who was in town to take the bar exam. And after stopped by Icehouse for Body Omara, with amazing guest vocalist Mankwe Ndosi. Tonight I plan to stay put. Home is good. With the kid and the cats. And in less than a week we take our trip to LaLa land. My brain is puzzling out logistics. Mostly related to camera equipment and carry on luggage.

Five fine things for this Thursday:

  • Speaking of travel, this video - The (Secret) City of London Part 1: History - makes me want to get back to England asap and go exploring. Le sigh.
  • Recently an acquaintance noticed that one of my photos is being used by This American Life, on the web page for one of their podcasts. I’ve had a long-term love affair with the show. The episodes make me laugh and cry and think. I consider it a pretty significant relationship, honestly. But TAL is branching out. They’ve made a movie! Called Sleepwalk With Me. And it’s not like the TV version of their radio show. It’s fiction. But the trailer was moving. Watch it here.
  • Holy crap I love this short by Japanese animator Toru Hayai called Not Over, Til It’s Over, of a giant stuffed bear on an epic quest. Watch it.
  • Formerly located on the West Bank of Minneapolis, Bedlam Theater has been homeless for a while now. But it looks like they’ve secured a space in St. Paul’s Lowertown. This is great news!
  • ZOMG New Order to tour North America for the first time in seven years! But the closest they’re getting to Minneapolis is Chicago. Though it sounds like it might not be worth the road trip to see them without Peter Hook. Oh well.

Attention cat lovers! My wonderful friend Kjrsten rescued some stray cats (a mama cat and her two kittens) recently. She is having all three spayed or neutered soon. If any Twin Cities locals are interested in adopting, photos and more info here.

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