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The Ripples of Our Decisions

Ah, another weekend that whizzed right on by. And I accomplished only a small portion of what I’d intended. But I really can’t do it all. Still, how about a five good things round up?

  • Dream come true: Neil Gaiman writing Sandman prequel, new novel, five kids’ books, basically all the things. Hooray!
  • This is grrrrreat: “The project rrrrrrrroll is made by a group of friends from Japan. They were all thinking how cool it would be to produce something while just hanging out together when they started to make their amazing animated pictures. The small GIFs are showing people or objects turning around their own axis. Most of the pictures have been produced on a short trip where the group of friends spent half the time shooting and just had fun being together.”
  • We enjoyed a Saturday night at the Turf Club with locals Is/Is and The Blind Shake and San Francisco’s The Mallard. I absolutely LOVE three band bills! And this was a particularly solid triumvirate line up. Afterward we went on a late night ice cream run (Ben & Jerry’s karamel sutra for me) and stayed up too late watching episodes of Archer.
  • Despite the day’s heat and humidity we survived and even enjoyed the Dragon Boat Festival. Boat races, dragon dancers, martial arts demos, bubble tea, sub-par food offerings and bumping into friends. Not bad.
  • My easygoing boyfriend agreed to accompany me to a showing of Magic Mike. It wasn’t without flaws but I did enjoy it. But I’ve had enough of Matthew McConaughey’s pelvis for a lifetime. Never again plz.

Hitting the hay early. Drifting off to sleep soon listening to The Psychic Paramount while reading paranormal fiction. Need to be fully rested in order to properly plot out the Choose Your Own Adventure path of the coming week. Hopefully it will be the path of least resistance and wreak the least amount of havoc.


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  1. amanda wrote:

    magic mike looks like a lot of fun, but i think it might be DVD fun. :-) secret, at home fun. ha!

    Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 10:10 pm | Permalink

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