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Keep Your Swerve in Control

Yep, it’s Friday the 13th. And I’ve been plagued by very minor nuisances today. My shirt has a hole in it and is tearing up the seam. The velcro closures on my expensive Dansko sandals won’t stay shut. I left my laptop behind at home this morning and had to double back for it. Little league stuff. But the whole week has been filled with bigger stressors for those around me. Stressors outside of my areas of expertise so I’ve been unable to assist. Just standing back helplessly and feeling powerless.

Five good things for this Friday the 13th:

  • I love me some robots. But not the creepy facial expression robot at the end. Video Friday: Nao Boogies Down, Snakebots Climb Up, and Skippy Throws Rocks
  • Oh man, a friend is going to Kittenpalooza in Portland tomorrow. “75 kittens plus cats up for adoption. We can’t take one, but I just like seeing them all and making a donation.”
  • San Diego’s Comic Con is happening now. Every year for the last decade or so I’ve gotten sort of “sniff sniff, I wish I could be there” but it’s getting so big I’d probably enjoy one of the smaller underdog spinoff events even more.
  • Sad that food writer Marion Cunningham has passed away. But I love this remembrance of her. It begins with:

    Let me tell you a story about the old days. Way back in the 1980s, people didn’t cook at home very much. The Food Network hadn’t been born, and the notion that college students would host canning parties or intern on a farm was absurd.

  • This weekend we’re supposed to have decent enough weather and we’re not going out of town so we should be making it to the Dragon Boat Festival for the first time in a few years.

Now I just need to ride out the rest of the day avoiding the bad luck. At least the Pasadena Humane Society has made Friday the 13th lucky for black cats.


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