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All of the Above

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to. Yep. I’m still sick. And *on* my birthday. I saw a doctor on Friday (sinusitis / sinus infection!) and took it pretty easy over the weekend. But I managed to have a few friends over in our backyard yesterday for hair braiding, brunch, bike riding and BBQing. Today, my actual birthday, I broke down and started ingesting antibiotics. Amoxicillin, go forth and do your good works. Please. I beg you. My head feels like a phlegm-filled pinata trapped underwater in a fish tank.

How about five good things, birthday edition?

  • This morning I dropped my son off for an extended camping trip, through his summer camp. In past years he’s done one overnight a week there but now that he’s in the big kid group? He’s away until Thursday. And farther. At some state park. He was super excited about it (while I am moderately anxious).
  • Tonight I’m forcing the boyfriend to accompany me to a screening of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. My favorite Russian director + my favorite American president + vampires = I need to see this movie like whoa.
  • And speaking of movies “How movies theaters SHOULD be laid out” according to The Oatmeal (I couldn’t agree moar)
  • Oh the Colbert Report. So funny. The Enemy Within - Apes Armed with iPads
  • Amazing! There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand - am Arrested Development Tribute Art Show. Love it.

Though I’m in shaky shape it’s nearly time for my birthday dinner. Even sickly girls gotta eat too, right? Or perhaps especially. I just hope I can enjoy or even taste the magic of Masu. I’ll make sure to order the spicy stuff. Firecracker Roll, here I come!

Backyard Birthday Party

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