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Life Out of Balance

No way around it…this anniversary always sucks. It has now been twenty three years since my brother lost his battle with leukemia. I try to remember him fondly and to focus on the good times we had together without dwelling so much on his illness. But what a horrible way to die. And before his adult life had even begun.

Forging ahead with five fine things:

  • So moving and it makes perfect sense: Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, tries new approach to school discipline — suspensions drop 85%. It is especially relevant to me now, with my son transitioning to junior high soon. But I think of all the students I went to school with who acted out, but clearly had deep-seated reasons for doing so that weren’t being addressed.
  • Yeti Records opened in the Fall of 2012 and have been a great part of the local music community since then. I’ve enjoyed many art openings / shows there (including the recent Record Store Day festivities). Sadly the rent is too damned high. The husband and wife duo behind Yeti are moving out of the brick and mortar store front and looking to go mobile. The Luck’s are raising funds for Yeti Records on Wheels, the food truck of quality vinyl. Pitch in if you can. They are halfway there.
  • Been listening to the new Lower Dens all week, Nootropics. Also, now on bandcamp International Novelty Gamelan. Thanks for the heads up Reviler!
  • Yep. The boy discovered that Yellow Submarine will be on the big screen, for a limited engagement. And I’ve agreed to take him to see it.
  • This is beautiful, which is the opposite of my personal experience (and the experiences of most, I imagine) with hospitals: “Flowers in the Hospital

Last weekend I didn’t see the Super Moon (it was cloudy and stormy) but I’m still blaming its influence, among other factors, for my terrible headache - now on day five - and foul mood. Been attempting to snap out of it with varying degrees of success. I’ve had several stupid-ish stretches where everything feels vaguely unsatisfying and stressful, for no particular reason. Stress baking isn’t the answer but that didn’t stop me from baking two loaves of banana bread, and some other. food stuffs But I’ve also had much happiness in my life lately. This morning I chaperoned the boy’s class field trip to The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, which was lovely. And we enjoyed Free Comic Book Day last Saturday followed by a screening of The Avengers. And there are other good things as well. But I don’t want to jinx those.


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