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Lust for Life

I’m planning to do some deep cleaning this Zombie Jesus Day. Or maybe go get a pedicure. The morning ought to be pretty relaxed but things kick into high gear in the afternoon. Beginning with a family function. Then an enchilada party. And Irregular Readings at the Triple Rock. But, most importantly, Japanese garage punks Guitar Wolf will be playing in the Entry! I’ve been wanting to experience them live ever since seeing them in the campy zombie flick Wild Zero nearly a decade ago.

Five other good things for this rainy Saturday:

The weekend got off to a fine start. The lad had a pleasant sleepover with his bio-dad (with Mario Kart game time). The man-friend and I went out for sushi (his first time ever) and to a couple of shows. Tonight’s Choose-Your-Adventure smorgasbord of options is overwhelming. There was already too much on my plate but I was just offered a photo pass to shoot Caroline Smith TGNS and Retribution Gospel Choir in the First Avenue Main Room. Decisions decisions.

Marie Losier & Genesis P-Orridge

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