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The Landslide Will Bring You Down

I have always been enamored of the idea of Leap Day. It’s special. An extra day once every four years? COOL. And I know two people with birthdays on February 29th. One was celebrating his “fifth” actual birthday. The other, hmmm. Maybe her eighth? Anyhow, I had really been looking forward to Leap Day 2012. AND THEN I GOT SICK. What’s the point of having a whole extra day if it’s spent entirely at home, too achey and miserable to enjoy it at all? And I was really far too busy to be sick. Feels like I’m still playing catch-up this week, and next I will be on vacation for the lad’s Spring break (after we “Spring forward“). But we are going to enjoy the hell out of our time off together.

Five good things:

I managed to snap out of my cold medicine induced haze in time for the weekend. Not at 100%, but well enough to get the lad out for some fun. A family game night at Clockwork. Free First Saturday at the Walker Art Center. A trip to the movies on Sunday. And last night we lazed in the living room, re-watching the Scott Pilgrim movie, right after P put a Scott Pilgrim poster (from the Precious Little Box Set) on his bedroom wall. My little boy is growing up!

Clockwork Game Night

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