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Mixing Up Belief Systems

Somehow childhood seems like several lifetimes ago. Especially the bit where I was raised Catholic for a spell, before renouncing it. So this morning, as I was standing in the oh-so-glamorous cat litter aisle at Super Target, I did a double take. I wanted to shout “hey lady, you’ve got some schmutz on your forehead!” When I realized the ashy smudge was an intentional tonsure. Yep, today was Ash Wednesday. It takes me by surprise every year! Even after posting about how yesterday was Fat Tuesday. Some day I’ll remember and won’t be taken aback. Maybe. Today was spent taking care of business (work, some car stuff, some life stuff) and I’m staying in tonight, rather than 1) seeing Anvil at Station Four 2) watching The Beyond at The Trylon Theater or 3) attending the Science Museum’s Buccaneer’s Ball.

Five good things I did see today:

I’d been zoning out to Julianna Barwick’s loops and layers while the boy played Luigi’s Mansion on the Wii and both cats snored. Somehow we’d all been crammed together in one tiny corner of our apartment, exceedingly cozy-like. Until Freddy the cat growled in his sleep and got the jimmy legs on the couch next to me. Surprised me right out of my reveries. Guess it’s back to planning my next photo series and maybe giving into last night’s episode of Glee.

My boys


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  2. Sharyn wrote:

    Heh. Yeah, that’s not so sexy sounding. Neither is meatsuit. Flesh containers?

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