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The Cork in the Bottle

As I keep pushing forward everything is pushing back. Like I’m locked in a perpetual shoving match with a weeble wobble. But I’m determined to keep at it. So much so that I’m just now coming down from a long run of busy busy balance-maintaining activity. Maybe I erred on the side of fun though, and need to take a little breather before I burst.

Recent highlights in reverse chronological order:

  • Went to a friend’s house - who has cable & HBO - to watch my beloved True Blood. Season four has been stellar!
  • Last night I got Voytek-ed. And it was just the thing.
  • Yesterday my son and I trekked to Stockholm, WI for their Dog Days Festival. We arrived at the tail end (har har) but our objective was a Dreamland Faces performance, as they accompanied Charlie Chaplin’s A Dog’s Life. It was wonderful. It seems like I’ve been attending dog-related events lately though I am more of a companion to cats. And this cat…I can’t stop looking at it.
  • Friday afternoon I lazed at the beach with friends and Friday night I watched movies in the backyard of some other friends, with a projector projecting on a screen on their garage. Lovely.
  • Thursday night I made it to three venues to socialize and see a total of five bands.

Another fairly significant thing happened earlier today but I’m still processing it. My initial reaction? Some things never change.


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