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High Fiving While Crying

One paper cut is a minor nuisance. Totally manageable. Dozens or hundreds? Overwhelming. And that’s what I’ve been feeling like this weekend, with one damned thing after another to deal with. All have been equally high on the productivity and frustration scales with far too little fun to balance it all out.

How about five good-ish things?

  • I’ve only just discovered the The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello. Stellar animation and storytelling. And the films remind me of Brendan Leach’s The Pterodactyl Hunters in the Gilded City mock newspaper comic. Of which I wish he would create more.
  • Been keeping an eye on twitter and FB updates from San Diego’s Comic Con this weekend - mostly from friends working the event. They make me feel all right about admiring from afar (apparently it’s not “cool” anymore and hasn’t been for a while but pshaw - I’d still love to take my son to see the spectacular spectacle of it some year).
  • How An Injured Tortoise Rolls Now - and its name is Gamera! Badass.
  • Bizarrely intense Flaming Lips / Lightning Bolt collaboration - I Wanna Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage - personally I prefer to listen to the track without watching the video. I don’t need any seizures, thank you very much.
  • My long-time tattoo artist friend is back from his European vacation. And wants to get me in for a consult soon so we can turn my next two tattoo ideas into reality. It’s been too long.

This morning my son and I hit up Modern Times Cafe again for brunch, while a realtor was showing our house. Delicious as usual. But then I bit the bullet. And headed to the Apple Store’s genius bar, to replace my not-very-old iPhone 4 (the home button only worked intermittently, and audio was only audible with headphones). Un-fun but I wasn’t charged. I’m a long time Apple customer but not a rah-rah Apple cheerleader. I don’t think that every little thing they do is magic. Today’s in-store experience combined with a sluggish restore process was frustrating but fine, whatever. Much less cool? I got word about my brand new iMac. Its 1TB Seagate Hard Drive has been recalled. So now I have to box that bad boy back up and lug it somewhere for their replacement program. Grrrrrrrroannnnn. After the Apple store sapped the life from me I was happy to get home. And looking forward to settling in for our normal Sunday routine. Except that I was notified our house was about to be shown again - in less than an hour from the time I received the heads up. Which meant loading back into the car and finding something to do. Thankfully my folks were home. And offered me fresh baked bread, red wine and hugs. That was a comforting trifecta I was in need of and I didn’t even know it. Hopefully there will be more such comforts to help get me through the week ahead.

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