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Angel Demon Human

For the 6th year in a row the company I work for made the “Best Places to Work” list. To my friends that seems to translate into this. Not quite, but kinda close. Speaking of hype, Google Plus. So much hoopla. We’ll see. I’ve been posting a few bits and bobs over there, just to get a feel for it. Including some of today’s five good things:

Oh Harvey Milk. Even whittled down to a three piece, without the honorable Joe Preston, you are still brutally beautiful. What a fine set. And the Triple Rock was much less humid and sweat-filled last night (than on Saturday) with fewer bodies filling the place up. I think the turnout would have been better if it hadn’t been on a night when so many other equally compelling shows were happening - and on a Monday to boot!

Mr. John Henry

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