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No Room for Faith

Patience isn’t one of my strong points. But I’m trying. Motherhood has certainly helped these last dozen years. But there are other areas of my life that could be marked “NEEDS IMPROVEMENT” in the patience department. Our house is being shown again tomorrow. I’m trying to get zen about it. My plan is to make sure it’s tidy before we leave, that we are gone well before the appointed time, and to avoid thinking/obsessing about it beyond that. Naturally it’s around dinner time which is frustrating. But I’m going to try to make the best of it. Pack a picnic basket. Head to a park. Maybe see Hastings 3000 perform before a showing of The Dark Crystal in the Cinema & Civics series.

Today’s five good things:

  • I’ll admit, initially I was indifferent to today’s zeppelin landing in Eden Prairie. I mean, it’s just a blimp. And it’s not remotely steampunk looking nor is it filled with anything dangerous. But then I saw the size comparison chart. The giant squid really sells it!
  • Eat Ramen Help Japan, Ramen-Off Fundraiser for Disaster Relief - Benefiting Second Harvest Japan. Gourmet ramen creators including Masu, moto-i, Chef Russell Klein of Meritage, and Chef Jack Riebel of Dakota will square off from 6pm-10pm on Thursday, July 21 at the Create Catering Dining Studio in Northeast Minneapolis. The cause: Raising $5,000 for Second Harvest Japan to help families affected by the tsunami (via
  • The ramen benefit event is the same evening as Tragedy on the Sea Nymph, “a filmed 10-minute operetta depicting the romance and tragedy of clandestine lovers shipwrecked at sea. Starring an all-dog cast accompanied by live human singers and the Cedar String Quartet, this piece explores the remarkable connections between the affectations of operas and the lives of dogs.” But I should be able to do both. Oh, and the Cat Circus is coming back to town for five shows!
  • Handmade Music Number 8 will be held on July 25th at 9pm, at the Hack Factory. Bring your ears and toys. The event is free and open to the public.
  • The “10 Best Days of The Bakken coincides with the Minneapolis Aquatennial and begins Friday, July 15, with electrifying activities and special offers every day through Sunday, July 24. Opening day will feature the unveiling of the museum´s newest exhibits, The Green Energy Art Garden and Green Gadgets.” Neat.

Another potential roommate has popped up on my radar. A young woman who works with developmentally disabled adults, loves cats and is St. Paul-curious. Could be perfect! But once again, my expectations will be kept low low low.

wee little preemie paw

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