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Scattered Light

My father is a sentimental fellow. He and I share the same birthday and have both always loved that. Whenever his driver’s license expires he gives the old one to me. Which is how I happened to find myself in a momentarily awkward situation Wednesday night. A friend and I went to the Science Museum’s Social Science” event - a quarterly adults only evening in the museum. Thus we were carded upon entering. Wherein I handed over MY DAD’S ID. I was given a baffled look before I quickly whipped out my own ID. Oops.

The actual day of my birthday was a decent one. I took myself to the St. Paul Farmers Market at 7:30am, to procure local berries, garlic scapes, local cheeses and fresh-baked ciabatta. I called my Dad. We kept up our annual tradition of shouting Happy Birthday at each other. And I ran a few more early morning errands which included a 9am trip to BOOZE MART - which I’d never been in before - to buy champagne for mimosas. Despite the ridiculous name it is a remarkably well stocked liquor store with too many of my favorite things. Japanese beers, Crispin Brown’s Lane cider imported from England, good sake, and more. Dangerousity. Then I hosted a brunch in my own honor for 6.5 hours.

Still after that long slog I somehow managed to rally - just enough to take the kiddo and I down to Cannon Falls. For our friends’ annual Summer Fest on the Farm event. It was absolutely lovely as usual. I had intended to push myself even further. I gave myself enough lead time to get back into the cities to make it to Grumpy’s downtown Minneapolis for Mother of Fire (and their final Saturday night residency set). But an old friend called - one who moved away a couple of years ago - to wish me a happy birthday and we wound up talking for over an hour. I am a-ok with that. Going to bed early-ish was just the thing. And would have been even better if my son hadn’t woken me in the middle of the night. Around 3am I found him in the hallway, carrying my yoga mat and muttering. I sent the sleepwalking boy back to bed but it took me longer to fall asleep. This morning I’d planned to laze and lounge to make up for yesterday’s busy-ness but a last minute showing of our house was scheduled. We were given hardly any heads up. I had to quickly tidy up from yesterday’s brunch mess before high-tailing it out of here. This afternoon I have a family portrait photo shoot. And this evening friends are putting on the second installment of “Irregular Readings” at the Triple Rock (though I wouldn’t mind catching the premiere of True Blood season four somewhere - which Nick Cave & Neko Case recorded a cover of the Zombies’ “She’s Not There” for).


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