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The Light of Long Dead Stars

Our weekend was maybe a little too action-packed, and it started early - with the annual Clockwork party on Thursday. But it’s been big big fun! Friday night I saw Dengue Fever with The Eternals (ex-Trenchmouth) in the 7th Street Entry with friends. Had beach time with the boy on Saturday (where I may have dozed off on my belly for a bit and burned my backside, oops). An unplanned post-dinner nap meant missing out on three different patio/BBQ gatherings but we needed all of our energy for the overnight Northern Spark art fest (my photos here). My son and I discussed it at length ahead of time. He was excited by the prospect of staying up/out late for arty stuff but the reality of it was very different. He was SO bored. And SO tired. Live and learn. I got him to bed before 1am and got myself on a party boat until 4am. Best move over. Thankfully my son was way more stoked about seeing Back to the Future at The Loring Theater on Sunday. And I had myself a mimosa along with our unlimited popcorn.

Five good things for this muggy Monday:

Still recovering from weekend of fun but tempted to stop by tonight’s meeting of the St. Paul Bureau of Arts and Beverages (with bonus a/c at the Black Dog). Really, I should recuperate. And prepare for the craziness of the weeks ahead. Training and learning new things for work. The kid closing out the school year (can’t wait to read his book report on Stan Lee!) and getting in gear for camp. A little jaunt up North with him before that. And he is plotting to put together an elaborate Human Chess game sometime this summer. On top of our usual visits to drive-in theaters, mini-golfing, swimming, etc. And that is all in addition to trying to keep the house tidy while NOBODY IS LOOKING AT IT. Maybe someday it will sell. Or fall into the foreclosure black hole. Either way I have a feeling we’re going to be staying put for a while yet.

Mississippi Megalops

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