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Over and Over

My brother Tom died 22 years ago today. I was already bummed out enough without the weight of this anniversary knocking me on my ass. It was a tough weekend, in a lot of ways. My phone couldn’t send or receive text messages but I didn’t know it was due to technical difficulties until yesterday. I just figured I was being ignored by everyone, which only added fuel to the pity party fire. Especially since my still very recent ex-boyfriend’s birthday was on Saturday. A lot of our mutual friends celebrated with him from dawn til dusk while I had to sit it out, even though a big part of me wanted to be there, having fun right along with them. I did have some friends over for a fire Friday night. The burning of things is cathartic. Especially when ten foot flames are involved.

Today’s five things appropriately span the good, the bad and the ugly.

How about more good things? My son introduced me to the weirdness of Baman & Piderman, accompanied me to Free Comic Book Day festivities, a showing of Thor, an art opening, and hanging out fun times at my friends’ place Saturday night. Sunday the kid didn’t think to do anything for me for mother’s day, naturally, but I did allow myself lay around in pajamas all day. Then headed to my Dad’s house in the ‘burbs for the usual family weirdness and good food.

my boy with Hellboy

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