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Transcendency in Human Connections

Today I am back among my people. Yesterday I was off-site all day at a training workshop. It was valuable information and was delivered well via the trainer and training materials, but the other attendees were a reminder…of what it’s like for many IT professionals out there in very corporate environments, where relationships can be more adversarial than collaborative. And it made me appreciate the magic of Clockwork EVEN MORE. We just have the special sauce.

Five good things for this Friday:

Enough with the sitting for today. Time to take a walk…on Clockwork’s treadmill desk. And later, another walk in the great outdoors. Looks like the best weather of the weekend is happening right now. It might rain on our parade (for Cinco de Mayo, tomorrow) but at least we can seek shelter inside The Source or Big Brain for Free Comic Book Day.

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  1. Jason wrote:

    Thanks for the kind words. Security pros are usually cornered by their organizations, it’s why hacks happen. My question I like to ask about web apps, “if you find a problem, can you take the app offline?” is usually answered “no”!

    Friday, May 6, 2011 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

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