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Shake Your Dreams Awake

Mock Spring must be in the air because things are happening, despite the freezing rain. Yesterday morning the housing inspector gave me his sign-off (there are no longer any “H for Hazardous” items in my house) and this afternoon the house has its first scheduled showing. Eep! We’re hiding out at Cake Eater Bakery while that’s happening, and going swimming on the way home. Well, the kid will be swimming. I still feel lousy and am going to sit it out with a book.

Five interesting non-property related items of note:

In recent weeks I have managed to get away from some of the big life stress for a bit. For a long weekend, in California, and in shorter bursts locally. To see Low at First Avenue. And then, just days later, I was back there for the most amazing show with The Budos Band and Charles Bradley. At both I focused on the performances instead of shooting the shows. It was kind of a pleasant change, enjoying the experience rather than documenting it. I don’t know if there are any other shows in my foreseeable future unfortunately. But the little man and I do have some catching up to do with an old friend, and his kids. And some Childish movies to catch before the end of the Minneapolis-St Paul International Film Fest. Which we may as well do while the weather is still cold and crappy.

Definitely a good day for my Wonder Woman rainboots

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