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Tornadoes of Sadness

The blissful portion of our snow day passed by far too quickly and segued into the lung burning-ly painful snow removal period. The boy and I managed to clear the sidewalks. But then. The giant plows lumbered through, earlier than anticipated, and created an impassible Mount Everest of solid snow and ice at the end of the driveway. Now feeling utter despair that we won’t be getting the car out again until sometime in the Spring. At least the weekend was mostly successful. Moderate periods of social activity Friday night followed by conspicuous consumerism on Saturday and Sunday. Bought the growing boy some new clothes that ought to actually fit, along with a much-needed belt. Finally buckled down and ordered all of my prints for the Guttural Visions show. Remembered I was out of business cards so I rush ordered another batch through MOO cards, along with some metal show postcards. Only to realize, after the fact, that another photographer friend had recommended GotPrint as their business cards are just a fraction of the cost. Bah. Oh well. At least I have been pleased by the quality of MOO’s products and customer service in the past.

Five nostalgic items of note:

Chicago friends! I just read that Earwax Cafe, in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, is closing its doors as of February 28th. I am mightily displeased by this. But happy that I was able to go there this past October for one last hurrah. Other people/places/things I may or may not be missing. Tomorrow night is Salon Saloon’s Ghost Show at the Bryant Lake Bowl, but you should go. Really. Wednesday is a friend’s birthday gathering followed by the Call Me Lightning/(ALANS) show at the Turf Club. Thursday is the Is/Is tour kick off with Larry Wish & His Guys, The Chambermaids & Leisure Birds at The Hexagon. Friday is another good friend’s birthday. And now that we have fresh snow, sledding really ought to happen sometime in the near future. We shall see.

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