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Right As Rain

Initially my son was reeeeeally resistant to this online learning program they’ve started using at school. I’m not sure why. Change? Change can be hard. Especially for him. And he was opposed to the pacing. But we worked on it together over the weekend and he seems all right with it now. He scored 100% on a follow-up quiz which helped boost his confidence. But he’s ALL SYSTEMS GO when it comes to his social skills studies. Because they’re using “Superflex®: A Superhero Social Thinking Curriculum” at school. He’s been re-creating the characters at home, in multiple mediums (the sculpey clay is my favorite, but those sad little creations have a tendency to fall apart). I just hope he’s internalizing the messages - about personal space and stubborn-ness and all.

Five good things for a Monday:

Tomorrow I take the car back for its second hot Tuesday date with the mechanic. I highly doubt my recent paycheck will be enough to cover *everything* that needs fixing. Which is why I’m having him tackle only the most urgent problems first. It’s all about triage. But I’m not the only one with a cantankerous car. A co-worker who lives in my neighborhood uses the same mechanic, and needs to retrieve his automobile tomorrow morning. This will work out perfectly. I can pick him up in the morning and drive him there. And then he can drive us to our place of employment. I usually enjoy the walk but wasn’t relishing the idea of the trek during another wind chill advisory.

Super Flex

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