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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Intersecting Lives and Incidents

Our MN State Fair adventures were quite fine. The crowds were manageable, due to the weather and/or the holiday, and we still ran into four or five people we know. And 3.5 hours was just the right amount of time to spend there. Sadly I threw in rushed trips to Super Target and the Mall [...]

Shifting Constantly, According to Circumstances

On Friday I woke up to a blissfully chilly house and threw on my fuzzy pink bathrobe for the first time in months. Drinking hot coffee while checking on the news was most pleasant. My panic over Hurricane Earl had subsided (the eye of the hurricane stayed offshore and my son and his grandparents experienced [...]

Love Kept Leaking Out

In all of last weekend’s chaos I seem to have lost a blog post. A fully formed one. Unless I imagined the whole thing, which wouldn’t be terribly surprising I guess. I do think it involved sloths.
So my son has been away for a full week now. I’ve been all right, for the most part. [...]