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Heat Gets Hotter

It was cooler up North than in the cities, but not by much. Seems Embarrass shed its reputation as “the coldest city in the lower 48” for our benefit. Saturday was steamy-hot. Though strolling through fields of wildflowers helped offset the discomfort, and we had multiple lovely screen porches to enjoy. Our Iron Range experiences were extremely pleasant, overall. There was one drunken older gentleman at the Iron Ore bar on the 4th. While giving us an earful about moose genitalia he inadvertently (or intentionally?) flashed me a glimpse of his own junk, as he was wearing too-small swimming trunks and swinging his legs around. Freedom! Blearrrgggh. But the amazing thrift store in Tower more than made up for it. There I scored a pair of never-worn Clarks shoes for $4! And two kitschy Middle Eastern busts (photos to come). And a gorgeous Vladimir Tretchikoff painting/print of Miss Wong. Neat.

The lad and I also encountered a large, lovely doe in the woods whilst hiking. And we visited with the kept chickens and turkeys. And the bird feeder outside of the house came into contact with a not-so-bright bear in the night. And I don’t know if it was the North Woods air or what, but I encountered bizarre creatures…in my crazyass dreams. One dream featured guinea pigs the size of elephants who spoke in deep rumbly voices. They were commanding me to photograph them as they were bathed and groomed by their handler-slaves. At night. In large vats. In the Walker Art Center’s sculpture garden. It was far more creepy than cute…sort of Princess Mononoke style. The boy also lost what might have been his very last baby tooth. The tooth fairy found his loft area bunk bed accommodations to a bit tricky but arrangements were made. Ahem.

Leaving was hard, as it often is after a blissful weekend away. And only made more difficult by a grueling drive back. Heavy traffic plus torrential downpours = PAIN. But we made it home safe and sound. And look forward to many more return visits to the Iron Range. More photos here.

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