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The Necessary Overlapping Skills

In St. Paul news, my Dad, a veteran of the SPD, gives the new police chief the thumbs up. Apparently the guy is even a West Sider, like myself. And sometime tomorrow I will be stopping by the estate sale of a St. Paul warlock, in his Summit Avenue mansion. I’m not getting my hopes up for crazy pentagrams and grimoires or anything, but perhaps he’ll have more than just the usual run of the mill knick-knacks.

Five other good things for this fine Thursday:

The next several weekends promise to be pretty damned busy. Birthdays, BBQs, yardwork and gardening attempts, shows, shooting a wedding, etc. But hoping I can squeeze a trip in to Fawn-Doe-Rosa Wildlife Park for the kiddo. I think he’d get a kick out of feeding the animals.

not my glasses!

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