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Infinite Prospects of Peril

Lately I’ve been inordinately preoccupied with my son’s future. His immediate future in particular…as in the 5th grade. At this point there are no clear options for next school year. His current charter school has found a new building so we could move with them, for one final year. But he is really ready to move on. But to what? St. Paul is giving us the runaround. If I want to get anywhere with them I’ll have to enlist the aid of their ombudsperson. I’ve spent some time researching other charter schools. Naturally they all seem to be far away. Like the DaVinci Academy of Arts and Sciences (in Blaine). Or sketchy. Like the Cyber Village Academy, where students only go to school three days a week and work from home for two (maybe not the best option for my son). On Friday night we saw the film adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which only served as a reminder of how difficult yet crucial those middle school years can be.

Saturday night I watched Christian Bale, with guns blazing, in the pre-Batman era Equilibrium. It made me realize equilibrium is something I could do with more of right about now. Only without the Gun fu. It’s a damned good thing the boy’s Spring break is coming up and we’re getting away for a while, even if it’s just a little road trip to the Cream City.

Five good things for this Monday morning:

Other recent highlights…last Thursday night we hung out at Eclipse Records. Long enough to catch up with some friends and see Awesome Snakes play, but, alas, not The Soviettes. In our sister city that same evening surlygrrrl bore witness to the magnificence of Leslie & the Lys. Saturday we attended a kid’s birthday party at Science Museum and got a good view of the rising Mississippi River. And yesterday, Sunday, we returned to Space Aliens Bar and Grill with a few friends.

And away to my hidey hole for now. Going heads down to get To Do list items taken care of before leaving town.

my boy with the alien (which is which?)

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  1. I am a little disappointed with the new Dr.Who trailer. When RTD left they said they were going to take at least a year break from using the Daleks and Cybermen with the new Doctor… and here we are with the new trailer and both of them show up in! Dont get me wrong, I love the Daleks and Cybermen, I just think they have some great writers and should not depend on them to carry the show all the time! Not to mention all the other enemies from the past that they could revisit that they havent even touched on!

    Monday, March 22, 2010 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

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