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Weakening The Major Stress Points

Last night I’d planned to make a curried squash soup. I’d been saving a lovely kuri squash, the last item left from my CSA half share. Sadly when I cut it open I found its innards were rotten, filled with blackened seeds and muck. Gross. Tossed that into the trash and improvised a curried sweet potato soup instead, which was mighty fine. After the lad went to bed I forced myself to bed early too, which was just what I needed, and woke up after eight solid hours feeling refreshed. Only to open my bedroom door to be greeted by a dismembered mouse. I didn’t think we had mice again but figure this little fellow must have been looking to come in from the extreme cold. Too bad for him that Freddy the cat does not mess around. Well, maybe a bit. Because I couldn’t find the rest of the corpse! I am gagging while typing this, incidentally. I cleaned up what I could before my son woke up and fervently hope he doesn’t encounter the remainder of the mouse before I can discard of it. Yuck. Utterly lacking an appetite I skipped breakfast at home and headed out into the lung-blistering wind chill advisory weather. While sitting around the kitchen table at work a co-worker asked me to join him outside. I kinda figured what he might have to tell me. And went out to confirm that he’d hit my car with his own. After skidding on an ice patch while parking he sort of slid into my poor Mazda. Yep. Then after getting back to my desk my Macbook Pro screen suddenly went all wavy. Hey universe, quit pushing my buttons, ok?

Thankfully it hasn’t been all lowlights. There have been some happier highlights lately too. Like holiday baking with my son, and convincing him we really ought to be making Christmas squirrels. And we had great fun at the Tiny Shanty fundraiser, and not just because I won a giant vegan cupcake. Though while there I picked up someone else’s Canon 5D Mark II, which made my Rebel XSi feel like a cheap, chintzy toy from a claw machine. Especially after seeing the results that heavy duty camera was getting in such low light. I hate having equipment envy.

Hoping the rest of the week improves. We have a few items of note to look forward to. Such as Free Punch Pizza tomorrow, at all locations, with a food donation. And Free Third Thursday at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. We’ll finally get to see The Louvre exhibit before it closes. And then a weekend jam packed with THREE birthday party events (for three different people) and possibly the MN Rollergirls Season’s Beatings All Star Bout (the theme is super heroes vs. super villains).

I have a problem

Bonus: An interesting study in the UK: Intense reading program ‘rewires’ kids’ brains.
Plus: Taiwan’s EVA air has a Hello Kitty jet! Also cute? A real life version of the little boy from Up.
And: Natalie Portman has signed on to produce and star in the movie version of the best-selling book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” written by Seth Grahame-Smith and, uh, Jane Austen.

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