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And Down They Forgot As Up They Grew

Boy howdy, did the kid and I have a rough night on Wednesday. One of the worst we’ve had. My generally sweet boy went all Jekyll & Hyde on me. I blame the full moon. Another mom said it could be hormones. My son’s hormones. I am most decidedly not ready for that. Whatever it was, every little thing infuriated him that evening and he pissed and moaned incessantly and I wanted to run away screaming. But I kept my cool and calmly waited him out. And nearly threw myself a party when he retired for the evening. Thankfully last night was much better. Mr. Hyde hasn’t resurfaced. Yet. But I fear we have more of this to look forward to as we, eeeep, approach adolescence. Wonder years my ass.

Five good things:

And a few bonus items of the just plain weird variety:

The weekend is upon us and it will be a mix of lounging at home, a return to junior bowling league and hanging out with friends and family. And swimming. Always with the swimming. And the permanently reeking of chlorine. When not running around I plan to curl up with another in the “ethical vampire novel” series. Last night I devoured The Society of S. Tonight I’ll move on to its sequel, The Year of Disappearances. Pacing myself is how I plan to survive this holiday season and we’re already ahead in thia game. The xmas/festivus tree is up, the few gifts we’ll be giving are already under the tree, and the kid is running around with a Santa hat on his head. My work here is done.

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