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At Right Angles to the Action

Friday I just narrowly averted a major bout of hyperventilation. For some time now managing my finances has been a precarious balancing act. But last week I fell, without a net, and I’m still trying to figure out why. Over the years I’ve been to some financial counselors, through a non-profit agency and also at my credit union, and I’ve taken their advice to heart. Sure, I still make the occasional impulse purchase but nothing exorbitant. And I’ve done A LOT of belt tightening. I’m still trying to pinpoint what went so horribly wrong with this last cycle of bills and how I can rectify it. Looking at my spreadsheet makes me want to cry but that’s not terribly helpful. What was more helpful? Spending the weekend close to home, partaking of free activities. Like walking around the neighborhood on a sunny afternoon. And finally watching the DVD from Netflix that had been collecting dust. And reading an action-packed space opera book obtained from our sysadmin at work (space opera and sysadmins seem to go hand-in-hand). And driving to an old friend’s nearby house, to watch the ridiculousness of Saturday night’s Ultimate Fighting Championship. That Forrest Griffin, meeeeowwwrrr!

But this current state of financial affairs doesn’t bode well for our 2010 travel plans. I had hoped to save up enough to take my son to the San Diego Comic Con in July. And myself to All Tomorrow’s Parties in New York in September (just announced, Sleep performing “Holy Mountain” and Iggy & the Stooges doing “Raw Power” and Mudhoney performing “Superfuzz Bigmuff”). Instead I need to focus on keeping my little financial ship afloat and maybe partaking of some relatively low-cost escapism. I have yet to see Pirate Radio, and a few more movies open this weekend that I’d like to catch. The Road, Ninja Assassin and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Speaking of entertainments, I’ve been a James Franco fan since the Freaks and Geeks days (especially the episode where his Daniel Desario character began playing, and enjoying, Dungeons & Dragons). So my brain went “buh?” when I spotted something on Hulu…about him guest starring on General Hospital. I’ve never watched soaps but I’m nearly tempted to watch this. Some poking around yielded:

This short work week is going to feel oddly long, as I wait for Friday’s payday. Yes, on Black Friday. Good thing I’ve been a long time supporter of Buy Nothing Day because that money is already promised to overdue bills. Le sigh.

Friday night, quietly freaking out

Bonus: An interesting experiment: Tracking A ‘Missing’ Man By Virtual Bread Crumbs
Plus: More of the lost Twin Cities I wasn’t aware of, Longfellow Gardens - a zoo that used to be near the Minnehaha Falls.
And: Also lost, and maybe it should never have been found, embarrassingly bad video dating footage from the 80s.

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  1. Maggie wrote:

    I feel your financial pain like a punch in my own gut. Honey, I will do something free with you anytime.

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

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