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The World of the Weird

I return rested and recharged. Our long weekend was lovely and best described with photos. In Duluth, outside of the Glensheen Mansion and in the Great Lakes Aquarium and out about in Canal Park and other random spots. Or back in St. Paul, when Matt and Carrie got married.

And now, a little more than five good things:

  • One morning in Duluth my son woke up at the hotel and mentioned that he’d like a t-shirt with Abraham Lincoln on it. Well, ok then. So I tweeted about it and Joe Eastham suggested this one, with Abe fighting Bigfoot.
  • My teenage goth girl dream: “How would you like to have vaulted ceilings in every space, at the small cost of having a graveyard instead of a lawn?” Countryside Church Building Converted into Luxury Home. Other cool conversions can be seen via that site. Silos, old schoolhouses, etc.
  • Flawless hustle! Amazing.
  • Pixies are touring again, with some fabulous openers like No Age and Jay Reatard, but the closest they are coming to my town is Chicago. Alas I just can’t pull that off next month. Thankfully Fuck Buttons and Growing are playing here, at the Triple Rock. Now I just need a sitter. Also music-related, been listening to the new Flaming Lips (Embryonic) and the new Thao Nguyen (Know Better Learn Faster) and enjoying both releases immensely.
  • Because of the little man, many people point out autism-related stories to me, but I hadn’t seen this one until just now. A boy with autism (Jason McElwain) gets into the game (basketball) and scores like crazy. The crowd goes wild.
  • Where do I find one of these? Random image sent to me by a friend of animal hoodies with sharp teeth on the elbows.
  • I love Jane Lynch (but I’m way behind on Glee. The uncomfortable squirm factor is HIGH, particularly with the character of the wife with the hysterical pregnancy).
  • For the home…order this fine alien abduction lamp. Or how about this? Burning cities firescreens make horrible tragedies downright cozy. Or my personal favorite, the squid attack shower head.
  • A man after my own heart (but he doesn’t want to eat my heart): The Great Monster Uprising Will Not Be Televised by A. Lee Martinez.

This week should be all slow and low (that is the tempo) with the real crazy kicking in Saturday, then continuing throughout the next few weeks. When it becomes too much I will breathe deeply and remember Duluth.

batboy in the woods


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