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Crescendo Then Recede

All weekend I couldn’t shake a feeling of wrong-ness, as I’d spent the entire year thinking I’d be elsewhere at this time. I had planned to return to All Tomorrow’s Parties, in New York. But those plans fell through in an incredibly disappointing fashion. And the disappointment was exacerbated when I found out about Dirty Three’s set, with Nick Cave on piano. The NY Times and their take on ATP: Indie Rock Enhanced With Mildew.

I did have a few consolation prizes. Friday I took my son bowling and then signed him up for junior bowling league. We’re both excited about that. Saturday afternoon I saw some old friends and that night I joined some others to see Low, performing for free at Lake Harriet. Sunday I nearly finished repainting the Lady Cave and did finish watching season five of Lost. And tonight the lad and I are going to see Dirty Three at the Southern Theater (sadly without Nick Cave, I’m sure).

It was probably for the best that I skipped any weekend travel. Lately I feel like I’ve been biting off more than I can chew as it is, while also aware that there is so much more I could be doing. I don’t want it all to turn me into a big glowing stress orb. Instead I sort of feel like a little squirrel, frantically preparing for the long winter ahead. And more than ready to fully embrace hermit mode. But first I need to get through the next couple of hectic weeks…of birthday festivities (for my son), weddings (to attend and to shoot), an annual IEP review at the school, and painting/repainting and some furniture rearranging. And hopefully a few little road trips before the snow starts flying. Then I will most certainly retreat to my Lady Cave for the winter, with relish.

albino squirrel in our neighborhood

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