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Suffering Periods of Penury

It seems like I have a split personality sometimes. There’s my spontaneous drop-everything-and-go side, which often brings the fun. But when it comes to getting-out-of-town travel I require more preparation. That’s why they are called travel plans. My life is just too structured, with too many variables. Will my son come along or stay home? If he stays behind who will take care of him? Who will take care of the cats? Where will I stay and what are the vegan options nearby? How will I get around? What is there to do at this destination? If I do a bit of research ahead of time and have some (semi) firm plans I’ll be much more relaxed at the time of travel. Better for everyone all around. Sadly my September getaway isn’t pulling together and the clock is ticking. I’d hoped to head back to Kutsher’s in the Catskills for All Tomorrow’s Parties NY. Last year we had quite the entourage. Over a dozen friends and acquaintances from the upper Midwest. This year my lone traveling companion and I have been having a hard time just finding a third person to join us. Now a series of financial setbacks have caused him to drop out entirely. Going solo just wouldn’t be all that much fun, though I would have friends to visit in the city in the days before the festival. Still on the fence but probably opting to stay home.

Sigh. It’s only life.

rhubarb soda, in the grass

Bonus: Friday night at the Vampire Hands record release show for Hannah in the Mansion and Saturday at the Box Elders in-store performance at Treehouse Records.
Plus: My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the English dubbed Ponyo. Miyazaki = magic.
And: Sunday we went swimming before joining friends, acquaintances and friends of friends at picnic club, held at Irvine Park. I have been cooking so much lately, trying to make use of all my CSA produce. To that end I’ve posted a few new recipes.

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