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The Deeply Transactional Nature of Our Lives

It was a very quiet weekend, by our standards. Partially due to the poor condition of my finances, but also because the boy and I were in dire need of some downtime. Even if that alleged downtime included swimming at the YWCA, a playdate with some other kiddos, and a visit to the drive-in theater to take in Up. Really, that’s a quieter weekend than most. And all of today was spent at home, where I am growing more enamored of my push reel mower. Pushing it around the yard is oddly satisfying - and a carbon neutral workout!

Other things that don’t suck:

How is it mid-June already? Eep! I have more scrambling to do to figure out how I’m going to swing my L.A. trip at the end of the month (airfare already purchased) and pay my mortgage. Oh, the joys of adulthood, and of single parenting during a recession. Sigh.

at the drive-in

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