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From Mild to Medium to Extreme

I can always count on my son to make me smile. And to make me crazy, at times, but mostly to make me smile. When we’re in the car for long journeys he tends to zone out, lost to his own reveries. But when we’re making short trips with frequent stops he drops bits of wisdom that are simply amazing. Last night he was in rare form. First asking if something was available via Netflix Instant. As I was driving at the time, and not directly connected to the interwebs, I said we’d have to check later. He thought about it before suggesting “we should write that inside our brains.” Yes! Yes, we should. Not long after that he was gazing at a street full of unused parking meters and lamented that “the parking meters are flashing because they are sad.” Pause. “They are sad because they want money.” Don’t we all, honey.

Some random good things:

Today’s weather is perfect for a mini road trip. And I really do need to get away, if only for a little while.

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