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The Interaction Between Music and Art

Memory is a funny thing. I’ve threatened to perform under the Angry Butterfly moniker before (my novelty solo noise band) but realized something just the other night. I was reading a book to my son - Miss Nelson is Missing, one of my absolute favorites as a kid - and in it there is a line about a swarm of angry butterflies picking up and spiriting away an entire car (if only my anger were so powerful). That little gem must have become embedded in my consciousness and was just waiting for me to pluck it out.

Five good things:

  • Wednesday night I made it to the Turf Club for the White Mice / Blank Dogs show. It was great to be out among friends, even if it was on a school night. My photos are here.
  • Other friends are opening up an all vegan cafe! The soft launch of Old Arizona’s Greenway Cafe will be next Wednesday, the 15th. Initially their hours will be 11am-9pm on Mondays, and 11am-7pm Tuesday through Saturday.
  • Sheela’s been making Spring cupcakes, which look awesome, but even better? There will be an all new Vegan Cupcake Saturday in St. Paul!
  • I’m a sucker for time lapse photography projects. Their circular life: a lovely interactive project that looks at 5 places in Italy over a 24-hour period.
  • In movie news…The Room looks absolutely ridiculous. But now I kinda sorta want to see the so-bad-it’s-good acting for myself. Though I’m far more interested in the reunion of Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal in Rudo Y Cursi - a comedy about two soccer-playing brothers who work at a banana plantation. And in Sunshine Cleaning, whose plot was taken straight from an old episode of Michael Moore’s TV Nation - about a couple who started a lucrative crime scene cleanup business.

The week’s gone by at a breakneck pace and suddenly it’s a not-so-good Friday. Drove my son across town this morning to his secular/public school child care program only to discover it was closed. For Good Friday. A heads up for the non-religious would have been helpful. Sigh. Hoping the rest of the weekend is a bit better. It should be. There will be bowling for atheists Sunday afternoon! Umm, after I give my kid his vegan chocolate Easter bunny. Mixed messages, I know.

more White Mice weirdness

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