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Unattached In Time

We survived snowmageddon today but it wasn’t pretty. Well, all right, the snow itself is pretty but the long slog home sure wasn’t. Especially the parts that had me cursing like a sailor (and being reprimanded for it by my nine year old son). I’m just not a big fan of two-hour white-knuckle commutes. Quite relieved that dear Adam’s birthday was pre-storm. Last night we celebrated with dinner and drinks (and dry roads) at Jasmine 26. And I spent a chunk of today listening to the birthday mix I made for Adam last night.

I was remiss in my earlier weekend roundup:

  • My good friend David is now playing with France Has the Bomb. Tomorrow night is their 7″ release show at the Hexagon, with Box Elders (Omaha), Leisure Birds, and Real Numbers. Unfortunately I don’t think I can scare up a sitter. And I might not even leave the house tomorrow, thanks to the snowpocalypse. But this threat from a more senior member of the band makes me not want to miss it: “As part of his rookie hazing, David will be wearing pleated slacks.”
  • Saturday night there are two earlier, fairly kid-friendly events happening but which one to attend? Closer to home it’s the MN Rollergirls Circus of the Scars bout. But that’s not free. Further away but free is my friends’ band, Ghostface Cow, playing at the Stevens Square Center for the Arts for the Minimum Wage: 40 Paintings by Lizardman exhibit.

The little man doesn’t have school on Fridays and I’ll be paying for childcare tomorrow no matter what, but I might just stay home anyhow to avoid the 15 mile trek. The thought of hunkering down, baking, building forts, working from home and watching movies is most appealing. But then I’ll really have no excuse not to shovel.

Rett, enjoying ET

Bonus: Universal remotes have been around for a while now but I need a similar such gadget, for keyless entry key fobs. I have one fob for my car, one for my home security system and another to let me into my office building (and for a time last year my son’s school offered key fobs to parents too, but they have a spiffy new intercom system now). Three key fobs on my already swollen key chain is too much.
Plus: The comment spammers seem to be working double time lately. Any other WP users getting hit hard? I may need to tweak Akismet.
And: Wow, David Bowie sticking it to the man at the age of 17 (with the society for the prevention of cruelty to long-haired men).

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